Who We are


The Trust is an independent body that includes  policymakers, philanthropists, artistic practitioners, business and community leaders and the public. We practice a generative thought process that results in obtainable solutions for arts and culturally related issues. The Trust's intent is to help sustain the long-term growth of the arts in Greater Rochester thereby providing a rich culture for all. Trustees determine policy and direction for the support and development of the arts and humanities through six generative goals.

And they’re also real people.

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Brad Jones, past Chair

Brad was the Executive Director of Experience Rochester MN. A man of many talents, he is adept at climbing mountains (both figuratively and literally) a hockey fanatic, huge Jimmy Buffet Parrothead and most importantly, recognizes that the arts are a key factor in Rochester’s future. He has been a percussionist for years, and let's not forget his dancing that earned him his DFTA trophy! However, he has left us for Washington State and will be sorely missed. His picture remains as a placeholder until a new Chair is elected in January 2019 and as a reminder that he may be gone, but not forgotten.

DR. Ashok Patel, Acting Chair

Dr. Patel is a pulmonologist and past president of the Rochester Diversity Council. When not caring for patients or teaching students at Mayo Clinic, he enjoys eco-adventures with his family and friends as well as dream-storming pathways to inspired peace, community resilience and sustainable global development.

Sue Mackert headshot.jpg

SusAN Mackert, Treasurer

Consultant, Arts Education
Sue has extensive experience in the field of arts education. When not flitting about or leaping tall buildings in a single bound, she can be found wandering in the arboretum or jetting off to NYC to visit family, former students and the bright lights of Broadway. Sue also plays guitar and banjo and has taught photography at college workshops. 


Bari Amadio, 


Bari is the CEO of the Greater Rochester Arts and Cultural Trust. Despite earning five degrees, she's still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. She is currently seeking her sixth degree in fine arts. She is an actress, has stage-managed many productions, studied piano and dance, and her art work has been displayed in Philadelphia's City Hall.



Mayor Ardell F. Brede

City of Rochester
Ardell is Rochester’s No. 1 supporter of the Arts. In fact, he's such an avid supporter that we named our Ardee Awards, celebrating excellence in the Arts, in his honor.  He’s quite the visual artist,  saxophone player and shortstop…who rarely stops short delivering service.



Jeffery Boyd

 President of RCTC
Jeff is the President of Rochester Community and Technical College and a visionary whose commitment to the Arts resulted in the inclusion of an Arts program at a former institution. However, he has mentioned several times that he does not dance. 

State Senator Carla Nelson

Carla has been honored many times for the outstanding work she has achieved representing our community’s interests at the State Capitol. She currently is the Senate Education Finance Chair overseeing 42% of the State's budget! No wonder after hours will find her relaxing with yoga and sharing her gift of music through song. Carla plays piano and alto clarinet, was first chair in the Iowa All-State Band and toured Europe with America's Youth in Concert.

Judy Sloan and Jim Sloan

Judy and Jim Sloan Foundation
Judy is a dyslexia therapist with the Rochester Reading Center, former Arts Council member, and drama and speech coach. She sees herself as a singer, actress and dancer...forever young! Jim is a former IBMer and software business owner. He is big on Rotary, ice cream and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Jim is also a singer and can strum a mean guitar. 

Al Mannino

Principal, Al Mannino and Associates Consulting
Al is a Rochester based Business Consultant. A native of the New York City metro area, he has grown to love the arts and culture of Minnesota and to appreciate a good Hot Dish but remains puzzled by the purpose of Lutefisk.

Joe Powers

Owner, Powers Ventures/Canadian Honker
Joe is President of Power Ventures, Canadian Honker Restaurant, Pinnacle Catering, Rochester International Event Center, Canadian Honker Events @ Apache and the Stone Barn. Whew! A well-respected civic leader and philanthropist, he spends his spare time (when he has any) at his Wisconsin cabin playing on the water.

Lisa Clarke

Executive Director, DMC Economic Development Agency
Lisa is the Executive Director of the DMC Economic Development Agency. Despite not being able to draw a stick figure, she is nonetheless an enthusiastic fan of all arts and an avid believer that strong arts and culture programming makes for a more viable and economically healthy community. And modesty will preclude her from saying that she's quite the graceful dancer as well. 

DFTA-Take III April Dahl Headshot.jpg

April Dahl

Owner, Dahl Dance                          April started dance training at age 4 and hasn't stopped dancing through life. She is an educator, choreographer and professional dancer who holds the Grande Master Level with the Dance Vision International Dance Association. She also founded the Tango Society in Rochester. April has been the performance coordinator for Dancing for the Arts since its inception.


DFTA 6 headshot Sunny Prabhakar.jpg

Sunny Prabhakar

President, The Commission
Sunny is an account strategist with CWS who is the founder of The Commission and the mysterious "Find Elysium", which is a testament to his marketing and event management experience. He's also passed the test and survived/ thrived from  his stint as a DFTA celebrity dancer!

headhsot Kay Caskey.jpg

Kay Caskey

Carl & Verna Schmidt Foundation
Kay is the Executive Director of the Carl & Verna Schmidt Foundation. In her spare time, she’s great at digging up dirt…..in her garden. Kay plays the piano and harp, and has utilized her musical talents as an accompaniest to other musicians. 


Judy Hickey

Arts Organizations
Judy’s educational background in theatre arts has provided her extensive experiences in multiple artistic mediums that include theatrical arts, visual arts, music and dance. She’s done it all, including volunteering as a SEMAC grant evaluator. For over two decades, she has contributed to our youth arts organizations through various board positions. It’s no wonder she is the 2017 Ardee Award recipient for Outstanding Volunteer in the Arts!

Sharon Gentling headshot.jpg

Sharon Gentling

Sharon has been involved in the Rochester Arts scene for over 4 decades, lending her philanthropic bent to myriad boards with her time, talent and treasure.  While her fundraising abilities are legendary, it is her personal attraction to a cause that resonates. The first celebrity dancer approached when Dancing for the Arts was a fledgling idea, she immediately said yes. And the rest is history. Now an international and national award winning ballroom competitor, #1 in the country in her category, she has stepped up as a judge for that same DFTA.



Bari Amadio, JD, MNM

Bari has attended the Kentucky Derby every year since 1989.  As a breeder and owner of thoroughbred horses, she's been to the winner's circle many times, proving that on occasion she can horse around.