Public art often represents both the face and soul of a city. The Trust, in cooperation with the City of Rochester, retained a consultant to assist in determining exactly what that face might be with community input. What eventually results from the plan will reveal our soul.

The Public Art Master Plan (PAMP) will seek to answer the key questions of how public art relates to place, how it can have an impact on community and how its administration can be set up in such as way that public art becomes part of the entire landscape of the city. The PAMP will provide a living and flexible set of objectives, both as a framework and series of action steps for the integration and continued growth of public art in Rochester's public spaces.

The Public Art Master Plan-Phase I was officially presented to the Rochester City Council on March 27th, 2017 at the Committee of the Whole meeting, held in Room 104 at City Hall. Pros and cons of 4 different options of organizational structures were presented to City Council by the Trust. Phase II is currently underway. The Trust will investigate options 2 and 3 further while the City Council members will review and debate the pros and cons of all options. Once all sides have completed their assigned duties, Phase II will be presented to the City Council at another Committee of the Whole meeting, to which all will be invited. 

Phase II - Under Development