Why Blog?

Remember when you were younger and the thing to do was keeping a diary? It had a lock

and a key, and you probably hid it under the mattress or in a closet. Women will relate to

this more than men. Today we call them journals and both men and women “journal”.

My mother kept a diary in 1939 as a teenager. I remember her telling me it didn’t have a

lock so she wrote some of it in Spanish so her mother wouldn’t know what she was

writing. I found that diary and I can read Spanish. Nowadays we tell the world everything

about ourselves through the Internet, and when we do it on a regular basis in a prescribed

format, we call it a blog. The Trust has a new website, and with it the capability to blog.

Our purpose, though, is to share information hopefully in an interesting and entertaining

manner about anything arts-related. And to invite guest bloggers and Trustees to share

their opinions and ideas in the interest of advancing arts dialogue. We invite you to join

us as we begin our journal journey.

Nate Nordstrom